“Before retaining our Martin & Squires lawyer 15 years ago, we has a series of serious legal problems. With our Martin & Squires lawyer’s advice, we have avoided getting into legal trouble for a decade and a half.”
Architectural firm client

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Small business owner following litigation.

“Our Martin & Squires lawyer’s legal skills profoundly and positively affected our lives, our marriage, my personal health and our business.”

Business woman personally sued in business litigation.

“Our Martin & Squires lawyer had a deep understanding of insurance issues that led to my success in dealing with my insurance company on a claim that affected the rest of my life.”

Disability Insurance Claimant

“Although there is a time and place for advocacy, I particularly value the fact that I have a counselor in my lawyer at Martin & Squires.”
Real Estate Entrepreneur

“My business was started and built on the advice and counsel from Martin & Squires.”
Client in Construction Business

“I never thought a bankruptcy trustee in someone else’s bankruptcy would be the savior of my business. My lawyer at Martin & Squires came up with the idea and it worked!”
Service Industry Client